About Me

“Because the purpose of the business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has only two and only two basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results. All the rest are costs.”

– Peter Drucker

I’m an outcome-oriented marketing and experience strategy leader and executive dedicated to building customer value and business success through marketing & innovation; the only two functions that bring results.

I’ve driven pioneering strategies and programs in executive roles for leading brands, e.g.:

Nissan: Planning & Digital

GSK: Mobile Experience & Innovation Strategy

Herhsey’s: Digital Strategy

TD Ameritrade: Digital Strategy & Digital Transformation, Brand Innovation

IBM: Marketing & Experience Strategy

ADP: Content & Experience Strategy

Indivior: Mobile & Innovation Strategy

In addition, I’ve participated in, co-led and led multiple successful new business efforts.

On the marketer side I’ve successfully managed both B2B and B2C marketing, e.g. managing $200m  worth of consumer customers to category-leading growth, profitability & retention.

My approach is simple, but scalable to various challenges:

1. Category, company, customer and culture research & understanding

2. Brand, experience and content opportunities mapping

3. Strategy formulation and action planning

4. Creative ideation & concept work

While I’m action-oriented, I reflect through writing. I was among the first recognized Crowdsourcing researchers already in 2006, and today write about technology, design and marketing for VentureBeat, UpWork, and other publications.

I spend my free time studying economics, politics, history and management, and travel for diving and underwater videography.

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